Our Services

Third Party Inspection and Quality Assurance Services

Global Industrial Services, (GIS) provides inspection and quality assurance services to help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their industry vertical. Independent, third-party inspection and quality assurance services results in improved product quality, with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls.

We Offered highly experienced with certified personnel to undertake third party oversight in all Material inspection, stage wise welding, painting/coating, refractory lining, fire proofing, Insulation witness of all testing, monitoring all inspection activities as per applicable standards, client specification, national and international standards.

Risk Based Inspection / Fitness for Services inspection

The petrochemical industry constantly seeks cost-effective solutions that improve the safety and reliability of their facilities. Adopted first in the API 570 Piping Inspection Code, the use of API 580 / API 581 risk assessments have been implemented by numerous petrochemical facilities, and there is clear justification for its use and value when properly applied. Many facilities today now utilize a combination of both time-based and risk-based mechanical integrity programs.

Risk-based inspections (RBI) have been shown to provide significant benefits through mechanical integrity and turnaround cost optimization, as well as overall risk exposure reduction. Typical return on investment over a four-year turnaround cycle is on the order of 4:1. The cost savings do not always come from reduced inspection costs, but savings can also be achieved due to reduced mechanical expenses.

Global Industrial services (GIS) verify and evaluate the precise data needed to perform an objective, quantitative risk assessment. We optimize this process by exporting data from a facility’s current mechanical integrity software and importing the data into virtually any risk assessment software.

Our risk assessments identify, evaluate and prioritize damage mechanisms that are likely to occur in process equipment. The risk assessment then accurately predicts the likelihood and consequence of failure for fixed equipment.

Fitness for Services (FFS) shall be carried out as per applicable standard and client requirements.

Shutdown / Turnaround / In-Service Inspection

We specialize in carrying out Shutdown/ turnaround projects and technical staffing services for various Oil and Gas industries based across the India and worldwide. We have well qualified and adequate resources to fulfill our customer needs and criteria. Our Engineers qualified following certificates and various client approvals.

  • API 510 – Pressure Vessel Inspectors
  • API 570-Piping Inspectors
  • API 653- Aboveground Storage Tank Inspectors
  • API 580-Risk Based Inspection (RBI) Inspectors
  • API 571-Materials and Corrosion Inspectors
  • API 936- Refractory Inspectors

Refractory inspection and testing services

GIS Refractory Consulting & Inspection is the industry leader for Refractory inspection and testing services. Fluent in the design, installation, root cause failure analysis and inspection of all forms of refractory linings and anchoring systems. Our experience focuses on Cat Crackers, Flexi-Cokers, Fluid Cokers, Sulfur Recovery Units, Rotary Kilns, Furnaces, Heaters, Roasters, Smelters, Fluidized Bed Combustors, Autoclaves, Catofin Reactor, Boilers and Fire Proofing.

GIS Refractory personnel are API-936 certified, specializing in refractory system evaluation, job preparation & planning, material selection, future repair recommendation matrix, repair maps and optimization. Our final report package contains all repair parameters including materials used, sq ft, anchoring and all installation details. All photos are labeled, dated and organized. Final reports are prepared at the site and submitted prior to completion of the project.

Additional services include vendor surveillance, project management, infrared thermography scans, rope access API-936 inspection & material sample testing per ASTM standards. Whether the project is new construction, vendor surveillance, turnaround or an emergency outage, GIS has you covered.

Global Industrial Services (GIS) is a full-service inspection company, providing clients with a full array of refractory inspection services. Our refractory inspection division has access to a state of the art refractory laboratory with advanced refractory testing capabilities. It is staffed with certified API 936 inspectors that possess hands-on experience with managing major refractory projects, modern installation methods and engineering designs, and project planning and scheduling. GIS highly trained refractory specialists provide our clients with a full range of consulting expertise to guide them through the daily obstacles present in our industry.