About Us

Since the year of 2009 Global Industrial Services, (GIS) has provided independent Testing, Inspection & Certification services across multiple industries, contributing to the TIC industry in India and worldwide. Our experience is reflected through many successfully completed projects, backed by the testimonials of our respected customers and the ever-growing professionalism of our staff.

Global Industrial Services, (GIS) provides inspection and quality assurance services to help retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers assess product quality and meet the regulatory requirements of their industry vertical. Independent, third-party inspection and quality assurance services results in improved product quality, with a reduction in customer complaints, noncompliance and product recalls.

We Offered highly experienced with certified personnel to undertake third party oversight in all Material inspection, stage wise welding, painting/coating, refractory lining, fire proofing, Insulation witness of all testing, monitoring all inspection activities as per applicable standards, client specification, national and international standards.


We are dedicated to the belief that people are our most important asset. Whatever the nature of the challenge, whether meeting the quality assurance needs of our customers or the training needs of students, it is our passionate, committed and empowered people who ultimately make the difference. Trust is at the core of all ethical business dealings.

Trust that others will do as they say and trust that we will live up to our commitments. One key to building trust is being transparent in the way we communicate with others, and by providing timely and accurate information. GIS’s diverse and experienced professionals work together toward a common goal of excellence in every aspect of the business.

Mr.LokeshDevarajan is the Founder and Managing Director of Global Industrial Services, India, a partner at Progressive NDT Institute in India. Through hard work, dedication, integrity and love for his field, gained more practical experience in the areas of corrosion detection, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, refractory failure analysis and materials characterization. He has introduced innovative methods for Corrosion Studies, Non Destructive Testing and is a pioneer in showcasing to the industry.

Mr.LokeshDevarajan is API Authorized Inspector, He having API -510,API-570,API-571,API-580,API -936 and API-SIFE certification ,ASNT- L2 (RT-UT-MT-PT- VT), IRCA Approved ISO Series /Lead Auditor.